New Customer Help

The NIST Storefront is an online shopping experience where customers can order NIST products and services. Answers to frequently asked questions about how to order NIST products can be found on this page.

For further details about Standard Reference Data, please click this link to access the SRD FAQs page.

For further details about Standard Reference Materials, please click this link to access the SRM Home page.

For further details about Standard Reference Instruments, please click this link to access the SRI Home page.

Although you can browse for products or services without an account, you must have an account to purchase NIST products or services. Follow these instructions to create an account on the NIST storefront:

  1. Select Login.
  2. On the next page, select Create a New Account.
  3. Enter Personal Information, including first name, last name, and phone number.
  4. Enter Additional Information, including your company name, sector, and sub sector.
  5. Enter Login Information. This email address will be used to login to the NIST store.
  6. Enter Billing Address.
  7. Enter Shipping Address.
  8. Review Privacy Act Statement.
  9. Select Submit.

Once registered, customers will receive an email with a link to establish their password for the NIST store. Passwords must be at least 12 characters, must include numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters, and cannot be duplicated.

Once an account has been created, a customer can login to browse and purchase NIST products and services. To login, customers select Login. Enter login information (username and password) under the Existing Customer section, then select Login.

On the NIST storefront, an Enterprise Account allows multiple individuals within your organization to independently create orders and share them with other designated members of the account. Enterprise Accounts allows NIST Storefront customers to manage orders and payments based on your business needs and provide the ability for all users in your account group to view and access orders and invoices for your organization.

In order to set up this type of account for your organization, your organization must designate one individual as the Master Enterprise Account owner. The Master Enterprise Account owner will manage the users under your organization's Enterprise Account, adding and removing users as needed. The Account owner can add or disable purchasers, buyers, and Accounts Payable members of your company to access your Enterprise Account and share orders, carts, and quotes.

If you would like to create an Enterprise Account for your business, please  contact us.

Complete the following steps to add a new user to your Enterprise Account:

  1. Login to the NIST Storefront.
  2. select My Account.
  3. select Enterprise Account Management.
  4. select New User.
  5. Complete the name/email fields, then select Save.
The new user will receive an email to create a password to the storefront only if they do not have an existing account. When a new user is granted access to E-Commerce as a member of an enterprise account, he/she can view orders, quotes, and invoices of all users in that enterprise account. Enterprise account users can also transfer their carts to another user in the enterprise.

To transfer your cart to another user:

  1. Login to the NIST Storefront.
  2. Browse for a product/service, then select Add to Cart.
  3. Enter the requested information, then select Submit.
  4. Select My Account, then My Carts.
  5. Select Share My Cart.
  6. Enter the name of the user to transfer your cart.
  7. Select Transfer.

There are two ways to browse for NIST products and services. The Product Search box on the right-hand side allows customers to search for products or services via the product/service name, a predefined keyword, for the product stock keeping unit (SKU).

In addition, products or services can be found using the product menu. Customers can select the program area, then select a category or area to view the products or services found in that area.

Product results can be sorted to easily locate the desired product or service:

  1. Change the number of displayed results – 10 to 75
  2. Change the view of displayed results – list or icons
  3. Change the sort to display results via name, age, or price

After locating the desired product or service, select the product name or image. The product details page provides additional information about the product or service:

  1. Product Name
  2. SKU Number
  3. Availability Message
  4. Primary NIST Technical Contact (name, phone, email address)
  5. Secondary Technical Contact (if available)
  6. Price (per unit)
  7. Order Quantity
  8. Tabs with Additional Product Information

My Orders allows a customer to view all previous orders, track order statuses, view order details, or download a Calibration Report (for a completed calibration service). To view past orders, login to the NIST Storefront with your email address and password. Select My Account, then select My Orders. Select the desired order number to view detailed information about the order. For Calibration orders, when the order is complete the Calibration Report will be made available for download in My Documents under your order number.

After a Calibrations quote has been created by NIST, the customer will receive an email with the quote attached. To purchase the product or service, login to the NIST storefront with your email address and password. Select My Account, then select My Quotes. Select the desired Calibrations quote number (quote status should be Quote Available). Select Add to Cart, then select My Cart to checkout.

Yes. If you would like to order both Calibrations services and Standard Reference Data products, you will need to create separate orders for each product type.

Unfortunately, NIST cannot upload invoices to other systems.