All billing terms are pre-payment required, unless exception authorized. If authorized, payment terms for domestic customers are Net 30 days from invoice date, and terms for non-domestic customers are Net 45 days from invoice date. Payment must be received within terms to prevent assessment of administrative and late fees, which will be applied at current rate. Penalty charge of 6% per annum will be assessed on balances over 90 days delinquent. No discounts are allowed for early payment.

We cannot accept a Letter of Credit as a form of payment.
Cash, EFT, PayPal, and Western Union payments are not accepted.

All payments must be made in US Dollars.
Accepted payment methods are:

  • credit card, ACH
  • check, bank draft, money order
  • wire

NIST does not charge a fee for any payment type.

Credit Card and ACH Payment
Electronic payments can be submitted through by credit card (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa), ACH, check card, or debit card. Log on to your account. Go to My Account > My Invoices. Find the invoice to pay and click Pay. The link will direct you to pay via Credit Card or ACH via

Note: For ACH payments, please verify with your banking institution that your account is set up to have ACH payments processed. ACH payments can be made through US banks only.

Please do not go directly into the WWW.PAY.GOV website to make payments.

Check, Bank Draft, and Money Order Payment
Select the appropriate address for all check payments to NIST unless otherwise directed by a NIST staff member.

NIST Lockbox
For regular postal mail only For courier deliveries and special postal deliveries
P.O. Box 6200-12
Portland, OR 97228-6200
U.S. Bank Government Lockbox
Attn: U.S. Department of Commerce - NIST
17650 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97230

Please remember that all checks must be drawn on a United States (US) bank and made payable in US Dollars. All foreign checks (checks made in non-US currency and/or paid through non-US banks) must be mailed to the NIST Receivables office for deposit. In addition, the NIST invoice or receivable number, order, or quote number must be referenced on the check stub/remittance advice.

NIST Receivables Office
All foreign check, bank draft, and money order payments, including payments made in non-US currency and/or paid through non-US banks must be mailed to the NIST Receivables office for deposit. Include a copy of the invoice or reference the receivable, order, or quote number on the check stub/remittance advice This address accepts regular mail and courier deliveries:

100 Bureau Dr., MS 1624
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1624

Wire Payment
Please refer to the FED WIREwire payment instructions for non-US and US financial institutions.

Special Payment Instructions for Federal Agencies
Please work with the NIST Program Office on any purchases that require an IPAC payment. An Interagency Agreement (7600A/7600B) may be required for your purchase.

For any payment related questions, please contact the NIST Receivables office at 1-866-NIST-Shop (or 1-866-647-8746), or e-mail us at