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Table Number Table Title
101.1Plain Carbon Steels (chip form)
101.2Low Alloy Steels (chip form)
101.3Special Low Alloys Steels (chip and pin forms)
101.4High Alloy Steels (chip form)
101.5Gases in Ferrous Metals (rod and disk)
101.6Stainless Steels (chip and powder forms)
101.7Tool Steels (chip form)
101.8Low Alloy Steels (disk and rod forms)
101.9High Temperature Alloys (chip and disk forms)
101.10Stainless Steels (disk form)
101.11Specialty Steels (disk form)
101.12Steel Making Alloys (powder form)
101.13Cast Irons (chip form)
101.14Cast Steels, White Cast Irons, and Ductile Irons (disk and block form)
102.1Aluminum Base Alloys (chip and disk form)
102.2Cobalt Base Alloys (chip and disk forms)
102.3Copper Base Alloys (chip, granule, and rod forms)
102.4Copper Base Alloys (block and disk forms)
102.5Copper Benchmark (block and disk forms)
102.10Lead Base Alloys (disk and powder forms)
102.12Nickel Base Alloys (chip and disk form)
102.15Tin Base Alloys
102.16Titanium Base Alloys (chip and disk forms)
102.17Zinc Base Alloys (block, chip, and disk forms)
102.18Zirconium Base Alloys
103.1Metals for Microprobes
103.2Synthetic Glasses
104.1High Purity Metals
104.5Single Element Standards
104.6Arsenic Species
104.8Anion Chromatography
104.9Stable Isotopic
104.10Light Stable
105.1Clinical Laboratory Materials
105.2Serum, Plasma, Blood and Urine Clinical Laboratory Materials
105.3Ethanol Solutions
105.4Toxic Substances in Urine
105.5Vitamin D Metabolites for Clinical Laboratory Materials
105.7Drugs of Abuse, Smoking Metabolites and Contaminants in Urine
105.8DNA Profiling and Nucleic Acid Materials
105.10Respirable Materials on Filter Paper
105.12Respirable Materials
105.13Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil
106.1Metal Constituents in Natural Matrices
106.3Environmental Matrices with Carbon
106.4Mercury in Activated Carbon
106.6Used Auto catalyst
107.1Carbon Monoxide in Air or Nitrogen
107.2Carbon Dioxide in Nitrogen
107.3Continental and Oceanic Air
107.4Hydrogen Sulfide in Nitrogen
107.5Organic Components in Air or Nitrogen
107.6Nitrogen Oxides in Air or Nitrogen
107.7Oxygen in Nitrogen
107.8Sulfur Dioxide in Nitrogen
108.2Metal Constituents in Fossil Fuels
108.3Sulfur, Mercury and Chlorine in Fuels
108.4Moisture in Oils and Alcohols
108.6Fossil Fuel Trace elements
108.9Biomass Feedstock
109.3EPA: Organic Compounds Related to Water Analysis
109.4Crime Scene Investigations
109.5Perfluorinated and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS)
110.1Foods and Beverages
110.2Food Contaminants and Allergens
110.4Agricultural Materials (powder form)
110.9Dietary Supplement Materials
110.10Tobacco Related Materials
111.5Rock and Minerals
111.7Soils, Sediments, and Sludges
112.2Cemented Carbides
112.4Trace Elements
113.1Cements and Related materials
113.2Portland Cement Clinkers
114.2Lubricating Oils
201.1pH Calibration
201.3pD Calibration
201.4Ion-Selective Electrode Calibration
202.2Elements in Polymers
203.1Combustion Calorimetry
203.5DSC and Differential Thermal Analysis
203.8Defining Fixed Point Temperature
203.10Reference Points
203.11Freezing Point, Melting Point and Triple point
203.13Thermocouple Materials
203.15Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Resistivity
203.16Thermal Expansion of Glass
203.18Thermoelectric Materials
204.1Molecular Absorption
204.2Optical Properties
205.1Radiation Dosimetry
205.4Radioactive Solutions
205.7Carbon-14 Dating
205.11Radioactive Natural Matrix Materials
206.1Electrical Resistivity
207.3Depth Profiling
207.9Microscale Dimension Measurement Standards
208.1Chemical Resistance
208.2Electrical Properties of Dielectrics
208.3Viscosity of Glass
208.4Glass Liquidus Temperature
208.5Viscosity Fixed Points
208.6Relative Stress Optical Coefficient
209.1Diffraction and Scattering
301.1Particle Size
301.2Cement and Coal Fly Ash Fineness
301.3Electrophoretic Mobility
301.4Surface Area Powders
301.5Particle Count Materials
302.1Microindentation Hardness
302.2Abrasive Wear
302.4Surface Roughness
302.5Rockwell Hardness
305.4Flooring Radiant Panel
305.5Standard Cigarettes for Ignition Strength and Ignition Resistance Testing
308.1Nanomaterials (less than or equal to 100 nm)
309.1Impact Standards (Charpy)
309.4Tape Adhesion Testing
309.5Bleached Kraft Pulps
309.6Secondary Ferrite Standards
309.7Fracture Toughness of Ceramics
309.8Magnetic Moment
309.11Standard Bullet Replica and Cartridge Case
309.12Force Calibration